Project Bangles

In this video below you can see how the Traditional hail net has been contradicted by the Brothers Bangles. At the Bangels brothers 12 hectares of hail nets have been placed. It all started with the pressing of the poles. The poles are pressed by contract worker Friend. The anchors are also turned by Friend. The anchorage distance with the Traditional system must be at least 2.5m. If the anchor distance is 2.5m, this will result in a tensile strength of 3.0 tons!

After placing the concrete piles and anchors, the wire construction was applied. The video shows beautiful pieces of it.

When the concrete piles, anchors and wire construction are mounted, the hail net can be installed. The Bangles Brothers have opted for Crystal hail net. But we also have black, grey and light grey hail nets in our assortment.

In collaboration with Friend, Fruit Support Europe and Bangels, this project has become beautiful!