Expert installation specialists, professional results.

Fruit Security Holland is the Dutch specialist building hail net and foil covering. We have a team of assembly specialists in the Netherlands and we mount complete systems aboard. Thanks to a careful preparation and proper fitting we deliver your perfect roof. Exactly in accordance with the building plan agreed, on time.

Our employees count on their broad experience as one of the most important assets. They have installed locally and abroad many shelters under the most extraordinary circumstances. Such experience is a valuable guarantee for you, ensuring that your roof meets all needed quality requirements.

Fruit Security Holland provides three installation options:

  • Full service by our assembly specialists
  • Installation under our technical supervision: our specialists will work with your people
  • Consultancy: our consultants giving advice on your installation




Fruit Security Holland Maintenance extended life

A roof of Fruit Security Holland is indeed an investment for years. Therefore, it is important to run system maintenance annually. Fruit Security Holland Maintenance assures intermittent maintenance and subsequently extends the life of your roof. However, most important of all: having your system working flawlessly when a sudden storm erupts!

Annual inspection of your system is the basis of Fruit Security Holland Maintenance. Our assembly specialists will visit to your installation and check your entire system. If there are any defective parts or a damage is found, this will be repaired. Thanks to our maintenance plan, your roof will be kept and will remain in top conditions. Our experience shows that yearly maintenance can extend the roof life up to 50%.

You can also visit us looking for a repair, including:

  • Repairing of nets and foil
  • Repairing of vehicle damage
  • Replacement of nets and foil
  • Disposal of materials