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Fruit Security Holland has all the materials for professional systems; Poles, steel wire, hail nets, foils ..


Fruit Security Holland is committed in supplying high-quality materials and takes care of assembling the complete set of roofing systems.


Our smart service and maintenance solutions ensure that your roof always remains in best conditions.

Fruit growers: Protect your harvest and your business

A hailstorm can destroy an entire harvest in ten minutes. Hail net systems of Fruit Holland Security protect your business and avoid cost from insurance franchises, deductions and high premiums.

Nurseries: Prevent damage from hail and rain

Nurseries know it like no other. When unable to deliver trees and ornamental shrubs, due to hail, your company will be directly in big danger. Indeed, existing and new buyers will look for other providers!

Automotive: Your fleet always for rental and sales operations

For leasing companies, car rental companies and dealer organizations, the fleet is the biggest asset. By using hail nets, you will be protecting your valuable fleet and ensure that all cars under any (weather) condition are ready for use and for sale.

Professional knowledge partner with innovatieve solutions

Fruit Security Holland provides full service for hail net and foil coverings. Design and supply of materials for assembling and maintenance: we will ensure that your business is protected in extreme weather conditions. Fruit Security Holland adds a great amount of knowledge and delivers only high quality materials.

First class assembly

Fruit Security Holland specializes in building hail net and foil coverings. Our team of specialized installers ensures perfect and punctual assembly of your system. Vast experience is the most important asset our employees count on. That is your guarantee, which ensures your roof installation meets all quality requirements. If you need help when building your roof by yourself? This is also possible! You and your people operate under our technical supervision; providing support when assembling the system!

Maintenance for a longer life

Fruit Security Holland also takes care of the maintenance and any repair your roof might need. Having professional maintenance services always extends the life and ensures that your system always works flawlessly as needed. When having a Maintenance plan for your roof with Fruit Security Holland, you will have an annual inspection and vital materials such as nets and foils will be replaced. This way your roof will always be ready to cope with unexpected extreme weather.